Patient Engagement Program


The PEP e-learning curriculum will help you develop evidence based attitudes and skills that improve patient engagement in health care.   The 10 e-learning modules are designed to be interactive and include video demonstration, audio examples and practice based games.   These modules cover a variety of topics such as: Communication Traps, Readiness for Engagement, Communication Styles, and Patient Engagement Attitude. 

Modules Preview

Introduction: Learn the rational for focusing on patient engagement in 21st century healthcare.

Patient Engagement Attitude: Explore the patient care attitude that facilitates patient engagement and improves health outcomes.

Communication Styles: Discover which communication styles best promotes patient engagement. 

Communication Traps: Learn about which communication traps are more likely to negatively impact your daily interactions with patients.

Readiness for Engagement: Understand the readiness for engagement spectrum and how to communicate with patients at their respective level of readiness.

Putting it into Practice:  Apply OARS in a patient scenario.  Commit to one goal for how you will incorporate patient engagement attitude and skills into your daily practice.    


Skills Workshops