Patient Engagement Program


The PEP e-learning curriculum will help you develop evidence based attitudes and skills that improve patient engagement in health care.   The 10 e-learning modules are designed to be interactive and include video demonstration, audio examples and practice based games.  

Modules Preview

Introduction: Learn the rational for focusing on patient engagement in 21st century healthcare.

Patient Engagement Attitude: Explore the patient care attitude that facilitates patient engagement and improves health outcomes.

Communication Styles: Discover which communication styles best promotes patient engagement. 

Communication Traps: Learn about which communication traps are more likely to negatively impact your daily interactions with patients.

Readiness for Engagement: Understand the readiness for engagement spectrum and how to communicate with patients at their respective level of readiness.

Putting it into Practice:  Apply OARS in a patient scenario.  Commit to one goal for how you will incorporate patient engagement attitude and skills into your daily practice.    

Skills Workshops

PEP workshops are 4 hours long. They are led by patient engagement experts with a focus on application of skills learned in the e-learning curriculum to professional roles  The workshops provide ample opportunity for attendees to practice via role play, small group scenarios and peer observation and feedback.  PEP experts provide coaching throughout.  

Skills Workshop Overview

Introduction: Review basics of patient engagement principles and skills. 

OARS: Practice using Open-ended Questions, affirmations, Reflections and Summaries to strategically to create a more motivated patient. 

Live Skills Demonstration: Watch PEP experts role play how to move a patient from being unsure to ready.

Top 5 patient engagement challenges: Learn strategies for managing common patient engagement challenges.

Practice: Identify patient engagement challenges specific to the workshop group and address using role play, small groups and debriefing with PEP experts. 

Tip of the Month Maintenance Email

PEP Tips of the month help to maintain patient engagement skills. Each one is a reminder of skills and principles learned in the PEP e-learning curriculum and PEP skills workshop.  They are accompanied by a video demonstration of the topic and suggestion for applying the topic to your work. Once registered, PEP learners will receive one tip per month via email.

PEP Champion Maintenance Program

One, two or even three exposures to new principles and skills is not enough to create lasting behavior and culture change. The PEP Champion Maintenance Program helps health care professionals to maintain the skills developed during the e-learning curriculum and the live workshop. One or two PEP champions are selected per team/clinic/organization. With the guidance of PEP experts, champions lead their team in monthly PEP skills maintenance activities. Champions participate in quarterly coaching calls and as needed phone consultation with PEP experts.