Patient Engagement Program

"The PEP program has exceeded our expectations. The framework and insights will definitely assist in our efforts to improve patient engagement, and will also provide tools that will improve our approach to staff engagement in key practice initiatives."
"Made me feel like my
provider was listening."
"Learners really benefit from
hearing there is a different way to
interact with their patients."
"I learned concrete skills to help
make my job easier to engage with patients."
"Helps me get a better understanding
of what my patients are going through
so I can better help them."
"Using PEP skills has helped
me build trust with my patients."
"Learning PEP techniques helps
improve clinical outcomes."
"PEP is very useful for case managers.
It gives them the skills they need to effectively
interact with their patients."

The Johns Hopkins Patient Engagement Program (PEP) is a comprehensive, skills-based training program that helps providers and health care organizations realize the goal of patient-centered care. PEP recognizes that health care systems must simultaneously focus on four performance dimensions: improved patient health outcomes, reduced health care costs, improved patient experience and supporting providers in their work.

PEP helps health care organizations achieve these aims by improving their ability to engage patients as active partners in their health care. PEP uses evidence-based principles and skills that can impact providers, patients and organizational culture.

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