Patient Engagement Program

The chart below outlines available PEP options that can be selected based on organizational goals. PEP Prime is the recommended version as it includes a comprehensive skills maintenance program. Organizations looking to assess program impact and return on investment should consider Prime Plus. See chart below for available outcomes reports.

What’s IncludedBasicStandardPrimePrime Plus
Potential CE/CME Credits2 total
(2 online)
6 total
(2 online, 4 in-person)
6 total
(2 online, 4 in-person)
6 total
(2 online, 4 in-person)
Online Access to PEP Introduction Modules
& Basic Skills (2.5 hours of training)
"Tip of the Month" Skills Maintenance Email
tips and videos for one year to maintain skills.
In-person Advanced Skills Workshop
<4-hour>training for your team, led by an expert. Includes skills-practice coaching and summary materials.
Maintenance Program
with leadership to discuss maintenance program target audience, set goals, and identify champions. “Champion(s)”will then collaborate with a patient engagement expert to create a maintenance plan for your program. Champion will lead your entire team in on-going skills maintenance exercises. Champion will have 4 quarterly coaching calls with experts, and as needed phone consultations. Booster online modules @ 6 months.
Training and Maintenance Customization
your team’s in-person training and maintenance program to match your organization’s specific goals. Includes a focus group held in advance of training. Includes a customized written program proposal.
Evaluation Phase Consultation
with you to develop an evaluation strategy relevant to your goals and mission. Assist in designing data collection and data management strategies for patient and health system outcomes. Provide examples of EMR data extraction methods. Conduct data analysis and outcomes report generation.
Outcomes Reports IncludedBasicStandardPrimePrime Plus
Utilization of Online Modules
Utilization of Tips of Month
Changes in Learner Metrics after online modules
Changes in Learner Metrics after live workshop 
Utilization of Champion Quarterly Coaching Calls  
Utilization of Champion Maintenance Plan  
Changes in Learner Metrics after booster  
Changes in identified patient and health system outcomes